2018 MISSA Great Oaks Qualifier

September 29-30, 2018

The MISSA Great Oaks Qualifier is the midwest qualifier for the Great Oaks National Invitational, held each November in New Orleans.  This national invitational is designed to allow newer and developing teams the opportunity to participate in a national event. Unlike other high school sailing qualifiers, the Great Oaks has a single division, meaning that teams with only two sailors are able to compete. In addition, eligible eighth graders are allowed to be in the Great Oaks Invitational and the MISSA Great Oaks Qualifier.  This year, the regatta is hosted at the Hoover Sailing Club near Columbus, Ohio.  High school sailing has experienced tremendous growth in Ohio in the last few years.

UPDATE 9/6/18:  The exact number of MISSA Berths the Great Oaks Invitational has not been finalized. The qualifier Notice of Race is being amended to refect this.  The information will be shared here when know.

UPDATE 9/7/18: Limited housing may be available on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Jamie Jones for more details. 

UPDATE 9/16/18: MISSA will have 4 berths the Great Oaks National Invitational per the NOR.