How to make sure your team is activated and regatta-ready

Posted on August 28, 2017

 MISSA Team Administration Instructions  

 How to make sure your team is activated and regatta-ready 
All sailing teams, whether new or old, big or small, varsity or club, need to complete five basic steps each year to be active members of MISSA. If you are a team parent, faculty administrator, or coach, this guide will explain each step of the process for you.  
Basic Steps (must be done in this order): 
1    Make sure your school exists in our database. 
2    Make sure you have a registration admin and they have a working login. 
3    Team administrator updates all information. 
4    Team admin pays dues. 
5    Make sure your team has an active TechScore account. 
This whole process includes a few human (part-time volunteer) reviews and some non-real- time syncing of different databases. So it can take several days to step through the process. Please don’t wait until the last minute. 
Also, please note that all the webpages shown as links here can also be just found on our website Miissa.hssailing.org  

If you know this is an existing team, you can skip right to Step 2.  
Otherwise, please look for your school here. https://missa.hssailing.org/schools Be sure to scroll all the way down to look at the Inactive Schools too. If your school is there, go to Step 2.
Otherwise you are a new school, you need to go to http://registration.hssailing.org/admins/request-new-school      and fill out the form shown at the right.    >>>             

If you already have an Admin login for another school, be sure and note that in the box. Otherwise, filling out this form will request both the new school record and your Admin account. You will get a notification when the school record is created (after 
it is verified by ISSA. You will also get an email when your Admin account is approved. These could be almost instantaneous, or could take a couple days. 



If you are a brand new school, this was taken care of in step 1, go on to step 3.

If you are a new admin for an existing team, the easiest thing is to the get the log in from your predecessor, then log in at http://registration.hssailing.org and click on “Administrator Profile” in the menu on the right. Update the name, phone number, and email to be yours and pick a new password. The account is now yours, go to step 3!

If you don’t have the password from a former admin, just request a new admin user account. Go to http://registration.hssailing.org/admins/admin-registration and fill out this form:

Your account will be reviewed and approved within a day, usually sooner.

Finally, if you already have a registration admin account but need to add another school (or remove a school from it, use the “Unify Schools” form at https://registration.hssailing.org/admins/multiple-school-form


Now that you have a login as a Registration Admin, use it! Log in, click the name of the school, and then update as follows:

Roster: You should include all sailors – they won’t be able to sail in a regatta if they aren’t listed here. Sailors listed must meet MISSA eligibility rules. By listing their names you are attesting that they do.

School Information: Must list contact information for the school itself, not a yacht club or parent.

Primary Administrator: This is the person who speaks on behalf of your team to MISSA and ISSA. In most cases this is a parent or faculty member, and in most cases it is the same as the person with the Registration admin login.

Once the information is updated, hit the big yellow “SAVE ALL CHANGES” button. You must do this each school year even if you didn’t change anything.

Once you do this each year, your team will show in the directory as “Pending” meaning it has been updated, but has not paid dues yet.


Dues are listed in the MISSA Rules, section 2. For 2016-7, they are $125. For most teams, paying dues is as simple as logging in to the registration site, click the “Invoice” button, then click “Pay Now.” You will pay through PayPal, but you don’t need to set up a PayPal account and there are no fees to you. You can use a credit card or bank account.

Dues can be discounted to $85 in your team’s first year only, if you have two or fewer sailors and don’t sail in any qualifier regattas. To get the reduced dues, email sailingmissa@gmail.com before you pay. If your request is approved, you will be sent a discount code.

If you will be paying for multiple schools you can email a list of the schools and request a combined PayPal invoice so that you only have to make one payment.

If you have to pay with a paper check, please email for mailing instructions.


Now that your team is active, the final step is making sure the appropriate person on your team has a TechScore account. Every team needs a TechScore Admin, but It does not have to be the same person as the Registration Admin.
Teams will only show up in TechScore after their registration is active (dues paid) and there can be a delay of a couple days. Sailors will only show up in TechScore and be eligible for regattas if they are listed on the roster in the registration site. Again, there can be a couple day delay, so don’t wait until right before a regatta to have your dues paid and roster updated.

To get a new TechScore account, go to https://hssailing.org/regattas/scoring-program and fill out the form. If you want one account linked to multiple teams, explain that in the “Notes” field.

If you just need to add new schools to an existing TechScore account, just email sailingmissa@gmail.com with the details.