MISSA 2018 Fall Qualifiers and Championships

Posted on August 25, 2018

Fall Qualifiers and Championships

As the season approaches, I wanted to review the opportunities for MISSA teams to go to championships and out-of-district events. Please read the NORs (Notices of Race) and MISSA District Rules which together give the official rules for these events – this is an unofficial summary to help with your season planning.

Great Lakes Championship – This is our District’s fall championship, hosted centrally in Chicago. Twenty schools will qualify, five schools at each of four “Great Lakes Qualifiers.” The first three (one in each Area) are the weekend of October 13th. The top 5 five teams from the host area at each of these regattas earn a berth to Great Lakes Champs. The final five spots are determined at the Halloween regatta at Lake Forest the weekend of October 27th, which is open to schools from all areas.

MISSA Shepherd Championship – This is the companion regatta to Great Lakes Championship, and is for the teams who just missed qualifying for the “top 20.” Teams that do not get into Great Lakes Championships are guaranteed a spot at Shepherd if they place in the top ten at any of the three Area Qualifiers. The remaining Shepherd berths are open to all on a first-come basis with awaitlist.

Atlantic Coast Championship – Each year, MISSA sends some of its top teams to compete against teams from NESSA (New England), MASSA (Mid- Atlantic), and SAISA (South Atlantic) in the Atlantic Coast Champs. (ACC) This year the event is in Annapolis, Maryland. MISSA’s three berths will go to the first- place team at each of the three Area Qualifiers.

NEW! MISSA Girls Championship/ISSA Girls Invitational – For the first time, we will have a championship event just for girls, September 13th-14th. This   event is also now the MISSA qualifier for the Girls ISSA Invitational at San   DiegoYConOctober19th-20th.(In the past,MISSA berths were determined by lottery or waitlist.) The top four MISSA girls teams will earn spots.

MISSA Great Oaks Qualifier/ISSA Great Oaks Invitational – This one is specifically geared toward developing teams. Unlike most high school regattas,  it is a single-division regatta meaning that you only need one skipper and one crew to participate. In addition, it is the only national event or qualifier that   allows eligible 8th graders to be on the team. Schools that have gone to Mallory or Baker nationals in the last four years may not compete. This year’s qualifier   is September 29th-30th at Hoover Sailing Club near Columbus, Ohio, an area where high school sailing is experiencing great growth. The Great Oaks Nationals are in New Orleans November17th-18th.

MISSA Cressy Qualifiers/ISSA Cressy National Championship – These are for singlehanded sailors only. There are fleets for both Laser Radial and full-rig Laser. The top four sailors in each fleet at the MISSA Qualifier (September 22nd-23rd) advance to Nationals (October 27th-28th). This year bothevents will be held in Macatawa Bay, Michigan. The MISSA event is bring your own boat; boats are provided at nationals.

MISSA Keelboat Qualifier/ISSA Keelboat Invitational – Keelboats have  grown in popularity over the last few years among high school sailors, and we are expanding the format of this regatta to allow more teams to participate. The MISSA qualifier is held at Chicago Yacht Club in Sonars on September 28th- 30th(with sailing taking place Friday evening for Central Area schools only). The winner of the regatta moves on the National Invitational in St. Petersburg, Florida on December 8th-9th.

Accepting Berths – Please read MISSA Rule 5.11, but the short unofficial version is that any time you earn a berth at a qualifier in MISSA, you need to send an email accepting it no later than noon on Tuesday.You must confirm  that you will attend the attend the regatta for which you qualified. This email should come from a parent/team admin who has confirmed that sailors,  coaches,chaperonsarealllogisticallyandfinanciallywillingandabletoattend.

Rules for Out-of-District Regattas and Championships – Leaders of teams interested in attending any national or inter-district events should also carefully read MISSA District Rules 5.9 and 5.10, which spell out getting MISSA approval to attend these events and some limitations on attending multiple events.

There is a lot of information here - if you are feeling overwhelmed or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me or any of the MISSA Board members.

Ted Anderson

Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association