Regatta Hosts Needed for MISSA Spring Qualifiers

Posted on September 07, 2017

Regatta Hosts Needed for MISSA Spring Qualifiers

In order to get the Spring 2018 schedule published and firmed up in advance, we are requesting that venues wishing to host a spring qualifier submit a Regatta Bid form no later than September 24th.  The bid form is available on the MISSA website under “About MISSA > Resources.”  Forms should be emailed to sailingmissa@gmail.com and to your area VP, whose contact info is on your league home page.

We are seeking hosts for the following Tier 1 and Tier 2 Regattas. Target dates for each are shown, alternative proposed dates may be considered, but in order to harmonize our schedule and avoid conflicts, preference may be given to proposals on the target dates.

Tier 1 Regattas:

  • MISSA Mallory Qualifier – to be hosted in the WEST area, target date April 28-29
  • MISSA Baker Qualifier – to be hosted in the EAST area, target date May 5-6

Tier 2 Regattas:

  • Each area (WEST, CENTRAL, and EAST) should host an Area Pre-Qualifier. Target dates are April 7-8 for Mallory (or combined) pre-qualifiers and April 21-22 for Baker pre-qualifiers. Note that April 1 is Easter and April 14 is an ACT test date.

The goal is for regatta bid forms to be submitted in time for each area to discuss on their next monthly area conference call, and then for the Area VP to bring each area’s proposal to the next MISSA Board Meeting October 2nd for approval so that the main events of the spring schedule can be published in October.