History of MISSA

MISSA was established as the regional governing body for high school sailing in the Midwest. Our objective is to further the sport of sailing in Midwest secondary schools, and to provide a standardized set of rules and procedures for competition. Currently, there are 55 member schools. This number varies from year to year but has been fairly steady for the last several years.

MISSA By-Laws 11-2016     MISSA District Rules 7-2017

To be a MISSA member, schools must complete an Annual Membership Form including a complete team roster and pay dues by December 31st. Schools may register after that date but these schools will not be eligible for national qualifying events in that calendar year unless that school has not been active in the prior two seasons. Schools may choose how the team is organized but we have teams organized as varsity teams, varsity clubs and club activities. Regardless of the organizational structure, a “team” may only include students from the same high school. There are two seasons in the racing year, Fall and Spring. MISSA is a member of ISSA and US Sailing. It is strongly recommended that all high school sailors and coaches be individual members and supporters of US Sailing.

Please visit our Contact Page for a list of our Board Members.  These individuals are all volunteers and meet formally twice a year, at the annual meeting held in the Spring during the Mallory Cup qualifiers, and as a board during the Cressy qualifying regatta in the Fall.