(Approved at the Annual Meeting Sunday November 4, 2018)


Article I: Name:  The name of the organization shall be the Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA).

Article II: Objective: The objective of the Association shall be to further the sport of sailing among secondary schools in the Midwest district of the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) and to organize and schedule competition for these schools using standard rules and procedures.

Article III: Membership:

Section 1. Any schools within the Midwest district of the ISSA in compliance with all of the requirements of these By-laws and the MISSA District Rules shall be a Member School.

Section 2. Each Member School must complete, annual online ISSA/MISSA membership including a complete team roster before any fall regattas or January 1. In order to compete all schools are required to register and pay dues with MISSA/ISSA before sailing any regattas. An “Academic Year” is defined as beginning September 1 and ending June 30.

Only schools in good standing may compete any MISSA regatta or represent MISSA at any  ISSA event

Section 3. Registration – Coaches, Parents or Team Advisors shall name coaching staff, including assistant coaches and parent advisors for the entire academic year. Coach selections shall be made each year by the team advisor or team parent representative completing the team’s annual online registration. All teams must include at least one team parent on team online registration.

Section 4.  There are three areas in MISSA. These areas are the WEST, CENTRAL and EAST.

    The WEST will comprise of all of Minnesota, Iowa, South Dkota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

    The CENTRAL will be comprised of Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

    The EAST will be comprised of Michigan, Kentucky. and Ohio.

These areas follow that of the ICSA and ISSA. Additional areas may be created by a majority vote of the board of directors.

Section 5. MISSA is a member of the Interscholastic Sailing Association, the governing body for high school sailing, and US SAILING. MISSA strongly recommends that all sailors and coaches be individual members of US SAILING.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1. The officers shall be President, three Vice Presidents (one each for the East, Central and West Areas), and Secretary/Treasurer. Three or more individuals as voted by the membership shall hold these offices. The President may also appoint an at-Large VP to serve as MISSA Representative to the ISSA. This person will be a member of the MISSA Board and shall attend ISSA meetings for MISSA.

Section 2. The Area VP shall attend all meetings and shall act as a chief contact for   his or her area. Each area VP shall also assist the Secretary/Treasurer on membership duties.

Section 3 The Term of all officers shall be two years.

Section 4. Election of Officers:

     (a)  A nominating committee appointed by the current president will make Nominations for officers to be voted on at the Annual Fall Meeting of an even numbered     calendar year beginning in 2012. This Nominating committee will be comprised of one to three members who may be from the current  board of directors, past officers, or parents with extensive experience in high school sailing.

    (b) An officer will be elected by a simple majority vote of the membership present at the Annual Fall Meeting.

    (c)  In the event a vacancy occurs for any position on the Board of Directors during any Term, the remaining MISSA Officers shall appoint a replacement to serve in that position for the remainder of the then current Term.

Article V: Board of Directors

Section 1. All Officers are also on the board.

Section 2. In addition, each area shall be entitled to be represented at meetings by one area director: faculty/coach, adult advisor, or designated adult alternative. Students are welcome to attend MISSA meetings with the area director but may not vote.

Section 3. Area Directors shall be appointed by the MISSA President.

Article VI: Membership Meetings:

Section 1. Membership Meetings: The Member Schools of MISSA shall have a regular meeting annually. The MISSA Annual Membership Meeting shall be held during the fall. The time and place for which shall be selected by the President and noticed through the publication in the MISSA calendar.

Section 2. Business: At the Annual Membership Meeting the President shall make a report to the Member schools on the business of MISSA and plans for the upcoming year. The President shall also present the slate of Directors nominated by the Board for approval by the Members. Each Member School present shall have one vote.

Section 3. The President shall run all MISSA meetings.

Section 4. Other meetings may be held upon petition by at least five Regular Member schools to the MISSA Board who will determine the time and place of the meeting.

Article VII: Dues:

Section 1. The board of directors shall set annual dues each spring for the next academic year.

Section 2. Member schools shall pay annual dues, in addition to the ISSA dues, in an amount to be set by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Section 3. To be eligible to sail in any MISSA fall event, dues must be received by the Treasurer Thursday at 5:00pm before the event.

Section 4. Dues shall be used for the benefit of MISSA at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board shall have the right to authorize any Officer to expend money in that Officer’s discretion.

Article VIII: Rules:

Section 1. MISSA, acting through its Board of Directors, shall adopt rules to govern its administration and competition, including rules related to disciplining a competitor, coach. parent or team.

Section 2. The Bylaws may be adopted and amended, from time to time, by majority vote of the members at the annual meeting, or by an electronic vote of the membership. Such electronic vote will be coordinated by the MISSA Board, and a majority of all current Members is required in an electronic vote.

Section 3. Participation in a MISSA event shall be deemed a member school’s knowledge, understanding and agreement to abide by the MISSA and ISSA rules on behalf of the Member School and all of its students staff, coaches, team representatives and parents.

Posted 11-5-2018