MISSA Rankings Fall 2018

MISSA Rankings

Click link to view and download rankings:   2018 Fnal Fall Rankings 11-26-18.   2018 MISSA Fall Rankings 10-30-18   2018 MISSA Fall Rankings 10-16-18                           2018_MISSA_Spring_Final_Rankings

Event tiers are assigned annually by MISSA as described below. The tier assignments and number of full team member schools competing at each regatta determine the ranking points by event.  These points are determined based on the event's Tier weight and number of eligible teams competing. Only teams consisting of sailors from the same member high school may receive points. Mixed teams are excluded. Tiers have been designated by MISSA as follows:

Tier 1: Four events based on the level of competition and full District eligibility.  These events include the three (3) MISSA District Qualifiers (Cressy, Mallory, and Baker) and the MISSA District Championship (Great Lakes).

Tier 2: The level of competition across the these fleets is lower in Tier 2 than in Tier 1 events. Tier 2 events include state championships, regional qualifiers for MISSA District Qualifiers, Keelboat and Great Oaks Qualifiers for Nationals are Tier 2 as are both the Shepherd and the LMSS Team Race. The Keelboat and the Great Oaks are Tier 2 events because of 1.) limited number of District members which may participate in keelboats; 2.) Great Oaks limitation to those MISSA schools which have not qualified for a National Championship in the past four years and 3.) Keelboat/Great Oaks consist of only one fleet (No A/B). 

Tier 3: MISSA sanctioned events which are not designated as either Tier 1 or Tier 2.