Regatta Rotations

MISSA Qualifier allocation spots ( W - West  C - Central  E - East)

District Rules #5.5 says “The MISSA President will determine the number of berths per Area for the MISSA Mallory and Baker Qualifiers. The number will be determined each spring for the subsequent school year using the number of teams in each area who have sailed in at least two or more Tier 1 and Tier 2 events (excluding singlehanded and single-division regattas) in the preceding calendar year. Berths shall be allocated to each district in the same proportion as the number of schools in each area meeting the above criteria.” 

So in the spring of 2017, we looked at the number of Tier 1 and 2s that each school did in calendar 2016.  There were a total of 42 schools meeting the criteria.

                                                               Baker                   Mallory  

              SCHOOLS       PORTION           12                          20    
WEST           13                31%           3.71       4               6.19      6
CENTRAL    17                40%           4.86       5               8.10      8 
EAST            12                29%           3.43       3               5.71      6
TOTAL          42                                          12                          20

Therefore, the following allocationa are in effect for the 2017-18 school year:

                  W      C     E   Total

Baker         4       5      3     12

Mallory       6      8      6     20


MISSA Regatta Rotations:

Academic Year Cressy (Fall) Mallory (Spring) Baker (Spring)
2015-16 West East Central
2016-17 East  Central    West
2017-18 Central West East
2018-19 East* East Central
2019-20 West Central West
2020-21 Central West East
2021-22 West East Central
2022-23 East Central West
2023-24 Central West East
2024-25 West East Central
2025-26 East Central West
2026-27 Central West East

* Area changed due to ISSA National Championship sailed in MISSA district. The MISSA Qualifier will be sailed at the same venue.

ISSA National Championships are rotated through the seven districts. The Mallory and Baker regattas are rotated in an attempt to equalize travel costs and a predictable cycle of assignments. The Cressy rotation follows the college (ICSA) schedule since ISSA shares a fleet of Lasers provided by Laser-Performance with ICSA. The composite schedule taxes no district with more than one national championship in any school year. Cressy regattas are dates for the school year and sailed in the previous fall and are usually within a week of the collegiate singlehanded championship.

MISSA National Allocations for 2017-18 

June 1, 2017  Registered Schools - 115     Mallory - 4    Baker - 2   Cressy - 3