MISSA District Rules

Revised: November 4, 2018

2017-2020 SUPPLEMENTAL RULES FOR MIDWEST INTERSCHOLASTIC SAILING ASSOCIATION “MISSA” updated November 4, 2018. These MISSA District Rules are in addition to the Procedural Rules for Interscholastic Sailing Competition sponsored by the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA Procedural Rules).   All competition within MISSA shall be governed by the International Sailing Federation’s Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 (RRS), as adopted by the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing), the prescriptions of US Sailing, and the ISSA Procedural Rules, except amended herein. 

1.    MISSA Organization and Meetings
1.1.    By-Laws. The MISSA By-Laws are the governing document of the association. These District Rules may not be interpreted as changing the By-Laws.
1.2.    Rules Rank as Sailing Instructions. These District Rules shall rank as sailing instructions for all regattas.
1.3.    Changing District Rules. These MISSA District Rules can be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
1.4.    Meetings. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern meetings of the Members. 
1.5.    Voting. The person listed as the Primary Administrator on the hssailing.org website shall cast the Member school’s vote, unless they have authorized a proxy to vote for the school by emailing a signed and dated proxy form to the MISSA President at least 7 days prior to the meeting. No proxy shall be effective beyond six months from the date it is signed. 

2.    Membership and Dues
2.1.    Membership. To compete in any MISSA regattas, all schools must be members in good standing of MISSA/ISSA by paying membership dues and registering on the ISSA Database.
2.2.    Dues. Annual team dues is $125. The dues covers a school year, and is not prorated based on the season or month of a team joining.
2.3.    Reduced Dues.  Dues can be discounted to $85 by approval of the MISSA president for teams that meet the following conditions: (1) has two or fewer sailors; (2) sails only in Tier 3 events.

3.    MISSA Regatta Tiers
3.1    Regatta Tiers. MISSA regattas shall be classified into three tiers defined as follows: 
•    Tier 1: The District Championship (Great Lakes Championship) and District qualifiers for the three ISSA National Championships (Cressy, Mallory, and Baker) 
•    Tier 2: Qualifiers for tier 1 regattas; qualifiers for national invitationals and other out-of-district regattas; and regattas designated as State Championships if open only to competitors in 9th grade               and above. 
•    Tier 3: Any other MISSA regattas.

4.    Competitor Eligibility
4.1.    Basic Rule. Sailors must be full-time students in the 9th grade or higher, of the school on whose roster they are listed. Any exceptions must be approved by the MISSA president. By listing students on the official roster at hssailing.org, the team administrator is certifying their eligibility. 
4.2.    Home Schooled Students. A home-schooled (or virtual school) student may request to be part of a team within the student’s school district. Students requesting such a waiver should do so at least two weeks prior to competing to allow adequate review of the circumstances.
4.3.    7th and 8th Grade Students. Team administrators may request to include 7th and/or 8th grade students who attend a school with an approved arrangement (as determined by the MISSA President) with the team’s high school. The request should include the name, grade, and current school of the student(s) and should be emailed to the MISSA President at least two weeks prior to competing. A team containing eligible 7th or 8th grade students must be designated with the squad name “Mixed” in the regatta scoring.
4.4.    Rosters. Before competing, all competitors must appear on the online roster (registration.hssailing.org) of the school they attend or have been granted permission by the MISSA President to compete with. Failure of a competitor to be on this roster may be grounds for disqualification of the team in any and all races in which unlisted competitors sailed.
4.5.    Mixed Teams. Students from multiple schools may not be combined to form a team. However, in some Tier 3 Regattas when permitted by the Notice of Race, sailors from one team may participate on another team. Such a team must be designated with squad name “Mixed” in the regatta scoring.
4.6.    Eligibility Tier 1 and 2 Regattas. All competitors in Tier 1 and Tier 2 regattas must meet all eligibility requirements of the ISSA Procedural Rules, except that if a national invitational is open to students in the 8th grade, sailors eligible for the national invitational shall also be eligible for the qualifier for that invitational. 
4.7.    Eligibility for Tier 3 Regattas.  Tier 3 events may be open to 7th and/or 8th grade students at the discretion of the regatta host, but this must be specified in the Notice of Race. In any event, only sailors listed on a school’s official online roster at hssailing.org are eligible to participate in any MISSA regatta. 
5.    Qualification for Championships and National Regattas  
5.1.    Great Lakes Championship and Shepherd Championship – A district-wide regatta will be held in the fall as the Great Lakes Championship and will be open to 20 teams that qualify through a system of qualifiers set by the MISSA Board.  The Shepherd Championship shall include up to 20 teams that did not qualify for Great Lakes Championship, and qualification will be determined by the MISSA Board. 
5.2.    MISSA Singlehanded Championship/Cressy Qualifier - One district-wide regatta with both full rig and radial rig Laser divisions shall be held as a qualifier for the ISSA Cressy High School Singlehanded Championship.
5.3.    MISSA Doublehanded Championship/MISSA Mallory Qualifier – An annual doublehanded two-division regatta shall be held as the MISSA Qualifier for the ISSA Mallory High School Doublehanded Championship. This qualifier shall be limited to 20 schools. 
5.4.    MISSA Team Race Championship/Baker Qualifier – An annual team race regatta shall be held as the MISSA Qualifier for the ISSA Baker High School Team Race Championship. This qualifier shall be limited to ten schools. 
5.5.    Mallory and Baker Area Pre-Qualifiers – Each Area (East, Central, and West) shall hold a Mallory pre-qualifier and a Baker pre-qualifier to determine which teams from the Area advance to the MISSA Qualifier. Only schools located within each area may participate in that area’s pre-qualifier.  The Area may decide on the host location and dates of the pre-qualifiers. The MISSA President will determine the number of berths per Area for the MISSA Mallory and Baker Qualifiers. For the MISSA Mallory Qualifier, the allocation basis number for each Area will be determined each spring for the subsequent school year using the number of teams in each area who have sailed in at least two or more Tier 1 and Tier 2 events (excluding singlehanded and single-division regattas) in the preceding calendar year. For the MISSA Baker Qualifier, the allocation basis number will be the number of different schools that registered for that area’s Baker pre-qualifier by the registration deadline.  The number of berths shall be calculated using the following formula: The number of allotted berths for each area equals the area’s allocation basis number times the number of berths in the MISSA Qualifier, divided by the total of all Areas’ allocation basis numbers. All Areas get at least one berth. If the integers of the numbers do not add up to the total berths in the regatta, the berths not assigned by integer shall be assigned in descending order starting with the highest decimal portion of the allotted berth numbers, disregarding berth allotments with zero as an integer. In the event the final berth is not allocated and the numbers are equal, the tie will be broken in favor of (1) the area with the most teams registered for the the pre-qualifier who also participated in that pre-qualifier the previous year; then (2) the host district; then (3) the area with the highest finishing team at the most recent Great Lakes Championship.
5.6.    Backup Qualifier for Mallory – If the Racing Rules of Sailing and ISSA Procedural Rules can not determine the teams moving on from the District spring fleet racing qualifier regatta for the National Mallory Championship, or if there is no racing and no backup weekend scheduled, the backup selections for the Mallory and the Phebe King would be made by ranking the teams which qualified for, registered, and paid to attend the MISSA Mallory Qualifier according to their finish at the MISSA Great Lakes Championship, and if needed the Shepherd Championship and awarding berths accordingly.
5.7.    Backup Qualifier for Baker and NIT - If the Racing Rules of Sailing and the ISSA Procedural Rules cannot determine the teams moving on from the MISSA Baker Qualifier, the event will be considered to be a valid regatta, and its results will be used for qualifying purposes for any team in a qualifying position if the team remains in a qualifying position after having its score adjusted under the following two assumptions: (1) Assume the qualifying team loses all of its remaining, un-sailed races, and (2) assume that each of the other teams wins each of its remaining, un-sailed races. The “remaining, un-sailed races” will include only those races necessary to complete a single full round in which each team has sailed each of the other teams once. If ties result, normal tie breaking procedures will be used. If any qualifying position cannot be determined based on these assumptions, or if there is no racing and no backup weekend scheduled, then the remaining teams which qualified, registered, and paid to attend the MISSA Baker Qualifier will be ranked as follows: the winning team from each area Baker pre-qualifier will be ranked in positions one through three according to their finish at the MISSA Mallory qualifier and then the second place teams from each area pre-qualifier will be ranked in positions four through six according to their positions at the MISSA Mallory qualifier. Berths will be assigned based on these rankings. 
5.8.    Use of Fall Regattas as Backups - If a fall regatta is used as a backup qualifier for a national championship, then any teams that had sailors under 9th grade sailing in that event, and any mixed teams, would not be qualified to participate in that national championship.
5.9.    National Invitationals and Out-of-District Regattas – At the MISSA Board’s discretion, it may designate events as qualifiers for national invitationals and other out-of-district regattas. If no qualifier is announced, teams may apply to the MISSA President for approval to compete in an out-of-district regatta. Such application should be made by email at least 6 weeks before the event when possible. Should there be more teams seeking approval than there are MISSA allocated berths, the MISSA President will allocate berths based on rankings and results. A team must accept the berth and confirm that any flights have been purchased at least four weeks ahead of time, unless the berth was granted less than four weeks ahead of time, in which case by noon Central time on the third day after accepting the berth. If a team fails to confirm that any required flights have been purchased by the deadline, the berth shall be rescinded and offered to the next eligible team by the MISSA President.
5.10.    [DELETED]
5.11.    Acceptance of Berths – After a team qualifies for a berth to any MISSA Qualifier, the Great Lakes Championship, the Shepherd Championship, any ISSA National Championship, any National Invitational, or any Out-of-District Regatta, a team representative shall accept the berth by noon Central Time on the Tuesday following the regatta at which the berth was earned. To accept the berth, the team representative shall email the MISSA President and Area Vice President, and the host of the regatta where the berth was earned.  If this procedure is not followed by the deadline, the berth shall be rescinded and offered to the next eligible school by the MISSA president.

6.    Conduct of Regattas
6.1.    Host and Organizing Authority – MISSA is the Organizing Authority for all MISSA Regattas. The MISSA President will be the MISSA/ISSA Representative at Tier 1 Events or shall designate an experienced person. MISSA Area VPs shall serve as or appoint the MISSA Representative for at all Tier 2 and 3 Regattas in their Areas.  
6.2.    Notices of Race - All NORs must be reviewed and approved by MISSA President or their designee prior to posting. NOR should be posted 30 days prior to date of event.
6.3.    Registration, Payment, Waitlist – Regatta hosts should use on-line registration and payment for regattas where feasible. Registration should open as close to, but no earlier than 30 days prior to the date of the event. Registration deadlines should be set at 5 p.m. (regatta host’s local time) Friday two weeks before the regatta unless otherwise stated in the NOR. When a team cancels later than 5 p.m. (host’s local time) Friday one week before the event, the host is entitled to keep them registration fees, even if they accept another team off their waitlist. 
6.4.    Eligibility Verification - The regatta chair or their designee and each team’s advisor must validate that all teams are full dues paid members of MISSA and all sailors registered are listed on the online ISSA online roster prior to participating in the regatta. Any questions concerning the eligibility of schools or individuals to compete should be referred to the MISSA President or his/her designated representative.
6.5.    Waitlists and Additional Boats - Once the number of teams registered exceeds number of boats provided by the regatta host, each additional team must receive approval from the regatta chair to bring a boat of comparable quality to be used in the boat rotation throughout the regatta. Upon arrival at the regatta the regatta chair will inspect the boat and sails, and if deemed unacceptable then that team will not be allowed to participate in the regatta.
6.6.    Supervision, Conduct, and Discipline – The MISSA Board of Directors and their designated MISSA representative, Regatta Chair, and PRO have shared Jurisdiction over disciplinary matters at regattas. Fair sailing under the Corinthian spirit should be encouraged and promoted by all sailors and Support Persons. ISSA Procedural Rules concerning Responsible Adults and Competitor Conduct apply at all MISSA events. In addition, no contestant or Support Person shall use foul or abusive language, infringement may be the basis of disciplinary action. Disciplinary action under MISSA Rule 6.6 shall be in accordance with RRS 2, RRS 3, and RRS 69 whenever possible. Any sailor or Support Person may fill out an incident report using the form on the MISSA website and email it to the MISSA President where further action will be reviewed with the MISSA board.  
6.7.    Substitutions and Race Participation Forms – ISSA Procedural Rules apply. Race Participation forms shall be completed electronically via the Tech Score program when feasible, however lack of access to the Tech Score program shall not excuse a team from submitting the required information. Race Participation forms must be submitted by the close of the protest filing deadline on the last day of each event. Penalties must be added to scores before any awards are presented. Questions on penalties for use of ineligible students should be referred to the MISSA President.
6.8.    Safety and Clothing – All ISSA Procedural Rules concerning Safety and Special Clothing apply to all MISSA events. In addition, the ISSA rules on team uniforms at National Championships shall apply to all MISSA regattas. 
6.9.    Protests
6.9.1.    A boat intending to protest shall always inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. When the protest concerns an incident in the racing area that she is involved in or sees, she shall hail the word “Protest” at the first reasonable opportunity. The “red flag” requirement of RRS 61.1(a) is deleted and when the identity of the protested boat could be uncertain, the boat’s sail number shall be included in the hail. Also, failure of a hailed boat to hear the hail shall not, by itself, be grounds for closing the protest. (Changes RRS 61.1(a))
6.9.2.    The Protest Committee may hear protests in between races on the water.
6.9.3.    The coaches may serve as members of the protest committee at Tier 3 regattas. They may use a 3-minute-justice system.

6.10.    Race Committee Signals
6.10.1.    Starting Signals - RRS Appendix U – Sound Signal Starting System shall be used, except that for regattas using boats larger than 19 feet in overall length, RRS 26 may be used.
6.10.2.    Individual Recall – When, at a boat’s starting signal, any part of her hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line or she must comply with RRS 30.1, the race committee shall promptly (with little or no delay) display flag X with one sound. The flag shall be displayed until all boats have sailed to the pre-start side of the line or one of its extensions and have complied with RRS 30.1 if applicable, but not later than two minutes after the starting signal, whichever is earlier. The race committee may also attempt to notify individual boats by hailing their sail or bow numbers. (Changes RRS 29.1 and S6.) If RRS 30.3 applies, this rule does not.
6.10.3.    General Recall – Following a general recall, the warning for the subsequent start may be initiated at any time. (Changes RRS 29.2) After a general recall, RRS 30.1 shall apply to that race and no signal (flag I) need be displayed. (Changes RRS 29.1) This provision does not apply when RRS 26 is used for starting.

Posted 11-5-2018